Featured Projects

Collective Efforts has worked on many amazing, innovative projects. Here are a few projects that best encapsulate the mission and experiences of our firm. 

Herron Avenue Green Infrastructure Project

Collective Efforts provided construction inspection services for a green infrastructure installation for the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) at a project located at the intersection of Herron Avenue and Centre Avenue in the Hill District neighborhood of the City of Pittsburgh.  The project involved the following:

  • Installation of a linear bioswale with two underground storage tanks that captures and directs storm water runoff from the existing impervious roadways through depressed curbs and a trench drain; and
  • Excavation, fine grading, installation of engineered soils, concrete paver installation, protecting existing utilities, installation of underdrain piping, installation of storage layers, removal of a catch basin, coring to an existing catch basin, installation of a new man hole and catch basin along with minor concrete and asphalt restoration.      

Greenfield Bridge Replacement

The City of Pittsburgh replaced the Greenfield Bridge which spans interstate I-376 (Penn Lincoln Parkway East) near Schenley Park. As part of the preliminary engineering phase of this project:
  • Collective Efforts prepared a Level 1b Categorical Exclusion (CEE) and submitted it into the PennDOT ECMS system. The CEE was prepared in accordance with PennDOT’s Publication 294;
  • Conducted an environmental site assessment (ESA) of this structure to identify significant potential environmental issues. The ESA also included the collection of paint samples and an asbestos-containing materials inspection; and
  • Collected and analyzed soil samples to establish baseline concentrations of potential contaminants in the soil under the bridge.

ALCOSAN Wet Weather Plant Expansion

Collective Efforts is currently part of the Plant Expansion Program Management team for Allegheny County Sanitary Authority’s (ALCOSAN’s) Wet Weather Plant Expansion Program. Collective Efforts provides the following services:

  • Developed a permitting plan to identify the permits required for implementation of the plant expansion construction;
  • Prepares permit applications for submittal to the regulatory agencies identified in the permitting plan. Specifically, Collective Efforts is assisting with modifications to ALCOSAN’s existing National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) for Industrial Discharge (Part I) permit, preparation of a PADEP Water Quality Management (Part II) permit application, and preparation of a Joint Permit application for the river wall and outfalls associated with the proposed expansion. Collective Efforts is responsible for preparing the NPDES permit for stormwater discharges associated with construction, including the erosion and sediment control (E&SC) and post-construction stormwater management (PCSM) plans. Current permit submittals will include Air Quality Permit Modifications; and
  • Works with ALCOSAN to coordinate and schedule pre-application meetings with a number of regulatory agencies.